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DR. R.

Stuart N. Robinson, Ph.D. - Licensed Psychologist - Live More Simply, Inc - Dallas, TX

Dr. Stuart N. Robinson is a licensed psychologist who specializes in treating college students, middle-aged and older adults. He provides coaching, counseling and therapy and administers neuropsychological tests. He specializes in diagnosing adults with ADD / ADHD, Dyslexia and other Learning Differences, and Asperger’s and providing his patients with the counseling they need to not only cope, but to “own” their challenges and to be proud of their

differences. Much of his practice includes counseling senior corporate executives. In addition to teaching at Southern Methodist University for over six years, he served as Dean of Students, Head of Behavioral Medicine and Ethics at The Medical University of the Americas where he introduced integrating the practice of Psychology and Medicine to medical students. He now practices Integrative Primary Care and collaborates with family physicians, neurologists and psychiatrists throughout Dallas, Texas. Dr. Robinson’s expertise includes Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and Behavioral Medicine. He treats patients with anxiety issues including Obsessive Compulsive, Social Anxiety and Health Anxiety.




Dr. R's Presentation on Self-Esteem

Dr. R's Presentation on Empathy


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Counseling adults with asperger's

For the first time, a new study links Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) to pesticides found on the most common fruits and vegetables.

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