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Misty Hardin Neurocoach

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Misty Hardin

Misty Hardin, M.S. Neuro specialist - Live More Simply, Inc - Dallas, TX

Misty Hardin has a Master’s degree in Applied Cognition and Neurobiology as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Neuroscience and Psychology from the University of Texas at Dallas. Previously, she worked in an aging and memory research laboratory that focused on brain based learning, memory mechanisms, and electrophysiology in the aging populations. Her background also includes work as an intern with children with ASD and learning disabilities.


She understands the neuroscientific basis of the brain and specializes in  time management, space organization, social skills, assertiveness, job searching and resume building, auditory and visual training, relaxation techniques, study skills, focusing, and attention to detail.








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Coaching for asperger's, autism, and attention deficit disorder


Video of Ms. Hardin's presentation on Empathy coming soon here.

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