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Research Assistant

Neuropsychosocial Laboratory

Laboratory Director: Michael D. Barnett, PhD.

Department of Psychology

University of North Texas (now at the University of Tyler Texas)

2017- Present


General Responsibilities:

I invest 10 hours a week in person, and an additional 10 -20 hours a week independently,

conducting and compiling independent research, organizing and managing materials and

personnel, and coordinating tasks and meetings I organized a wall-sized filing cabinet containing

at least nine studies.


Lab Coordinator (Human Resources):


I arrange and conduct interviews with new lab members. I evaluate the interviewees and accept

new members into laboratory groups. I monitor current members’ activity in labs, and coordinate

meetings. I encourage lab members to join additional lab teams. I conduct basic training in

various lab teams, take attendance, keep attendance records, and schedule rooms for the meetings.

Also, I act as Human Resource in this position, managing social issues within the group. I assess

interactions of lab members, and provide equal and adequate participation of all members in lab

activities, allocating lab members’ tasks by their interests and strengths. I improve team morale

and productivity by using positive reinforcement within all the various lab groups.


Writing Coach (Librarian):

I pulled scales and added them to the database of scales for Dr. Barnett. I organized the scales

into a spreadsheet for easy management and access. I assist all research assistants in manuscript

and poster writing. I wrote multiple literary analyses for Dr. Barnett.


Data Team Leader:

I lead a team of 10 data entry research assistants (RA)s in the management of data for all studies

conducted by the lab, accruing over 85 logged hours of data entry. I enter, score, manage and

analyze data for multiple studies. I train new research assistants in data entry, and coordinate and

lead team meetings. I run analyses using SPSS Statistics and health analytic software. I have

created several detailed instruction sheets for fellow research assistants as an aide in task

completion. These instruction sheets have been instrumental in time efficiency and reduction of

errors. I decide who enters which studies and delegate tasks accordingly. I create the spreadsheets

and average scores for the Empatica (health analytic software) using these spreadsheets.


Data Collection:


Title of Study: Neuropsychological Correlates of Verbal Narrative Style

Position: Student Investigator

Responsibilities: I scheduled 7 lingual interviews, conducted these interviews and provided

assessments for this study. I analyzed off-topic verbosity, and ran

neuropsychological tests. These included the WTAR, Oral Trail Making, D-

KEFS Verbal Fluency, D-KEFS Color-Word Inference Test, Digit Span, and

CPT3. I downloaded programs to enable lab members to record interviews. I

created instruction sheets, trained the lab members on how to use the

software, and systemized the data collected.


Title of Study: The Influence of Olfactory Stimuli on Psychological Processes

Position: Student Investigator

Responsibilities: I conducted 5 interviews for college students for the Influence of

Olfactory Stimulus study. Additionally, I scored and input the data collected

from the study to be analyzed and used for manuscript writing. I exposed

participants to an olfactory stimulus and documented their response via

neuropsychological tests. These included the Trail Making and Oral Trail

Making tests, D-KEFS Color-Word Interference Test,

D-KEFS Verbal Fluency Test, Digit Span, and CPT3.


Title of Study: Health and Perceptions of Aging

Position: Student Investigator

Responsibilities: I traveled along a radius of 50 miles across the Dallas/Fort Worth

Metroplex, conducting research and developing a participant pool for Dr.

Barnett. I conducted 27 interviews concerning the study of health and

perceptions of aging in older adults at these facilities. I independently recruited

facilities for studies. I enhanced a positive relationship between the retirement

community and the UNT Neuropsychosocial lab by enhancing rapport. I also

fostered a positive working relationship between social workers and

management in the facilities themselves. The enhanced relationships improve

productivity in the retirement facilities and provides future participants in

future studies for the Neuropsychosocial lab as well.


Research Assistant

Neurocognitive Laboratory

Laboratory Director: Anthony J. Ryals, Ph.D.

Department of Psychology

University of North Texas

2018- Present


General Responsibilities:

This was a 10-hour weekly investment in which I conducted and administered psychological

tests, coded data, and analyzed eye tracking stimulus data.


Data Collection and Analysis:


Title of Study: CPTSD

Responsibilities: Analyzed eye tracking data from 60 participants and made note of the

quality of data before analysis.


Title of Study: Judgement of Learning

Responsibilities: I analyzed eye tracking data from 96 participants and made note of the

quality of data before analysis.


Title of Study: Shoot/Don’t Shoot Behavioral Inhibition

Position: Student Investigator

Responsibilities: Administered tests to ten participants. Tests included the Ishihara’s Tests

for Color-Deficiency, Stroop Effect computer test, Eriksen Flanker task, Go/No-

go task, and a test programmed by the lab for determining the propensity for

shooting innocent pedestrians (Police Task). Coded responses in binary and

sorted other responses based on stimulus type.

Jesse De La Garza's Research Experience

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