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What Does a Neuropsychologist Do, Exactly?

What do Clinical Neurologists Do?

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0:00A neuropsychologist really looks at the interplay between how the brain functions


0:05and what the brain does, and how that impacts what you do in the rest of your life--


0:09socially, emotionally, physically, cognitively.


0:13The bulk of what a neuropsychologist does is that through assessment,


0:17we administer a battery of tests that tap into different functions of the brain.


0:23So some of the tests, we'll look at whole brain function.


0:26Some of the tests, we'll look really very specific functions of different areas of the brain,


0:31to kind of look at how they're all working together or not working together,


0:35and then to apply that to difficulties that people may be having in their life,


0:40as the result of an injury or an accident or some kind of disease process.


0:44It's really--largely it's a diagnostic field.


0:47that really looks at more closely why people are acting the way that they are acting


0:54based on how their brain is processing information.


0:58A subset of that is a rehabilitation neuropsychologist who does


1:02much of the same kind of assessment, but then also works in the rehabilitation world


1:07and helps a lot of the treatment team, in terms of their ability to implement


1:13some of their therapeutic practices, based on what we've learned


1:16about how the brain is functioning.


1:19Neuropsychologists can do some cognitive rehabilitation themselves.


1:23Very often it is referred out to other disciplines, occupational therapy, speech therapy.


1:28We also can do some therapy, again, based on--largely it's based on adjustment to


1:33disability and injury, dealing with some of the psycho-social issues that go along with


1:38acquiring some kind of a disability,


1:40and adjusting to the fact that your brain is not working


1:42the way that it used to.


1:44Most people don't think about all of the stuff that their brain does,


1:47so that when it's not functioning properly, they have a sense of


1:51"I don't feel like myself," and are not quite sure why that is.


1:55So a neuropsychologist may do a lot of education about why that is,


1:58based on the results of the tests that we've got.

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