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Dr. Spreda

Sarah Spreda, Ph.D. - Licensed Psychologist

Anxiety Disorders, Stress, Depression & Chronic Medical Conditions in Adults

E-mail: dr.sarah@livemoresimply.com   Phone: (888) 923-2256 ext. 1

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Dr. Spreda has 22 years of experience working with adults challenged by a broad range of behavioral conditions often accompanied by medical problems. These include , anxiety, stress, depression , trauma, and adjustment to chronic medical conditions, lifestyle and personal changes. She is highly sensitive to the multiple losses and changes COVID-19 has impacted on our world.


Dr. Spreda helps  adults who have difficulty coping with, and adjusting to,  serious medical conditions and terminal medical illnesses. She assists patients with customizing their physician’s treatment recommendations to their lifestyle  by facilitating positive coping and lifestyle changes. Her goal is to make it easier for them to incorporate their treatment regimen and accept their medical conditions into their daily lives.


Her experience overlaps the areas of Clinical Health Psychology and Behavioral Medicine with adults. She is qualified to use EMDR therapy to help patients work through multiple losses and traumas.



1998 Ph. D., Clinical Psychology

University of Wisconsin



Member, Collin County Psychological Association

Since: 2001


National Register Health Service Psychologists

Member Since: 2005

• Accept your diagnosis

• Cope with your symptoms

• Adhere to your doctor's treatment regimen

• Reduce your depression

• Manage your anxiety

• Minimize your stress

• Improve your quality of life


Dr. Spreda helps adults improve their self-confidence, communication skills and interpersonal relationships.

"My practice is based on cognitive-behavioral therapy, emphasizing the importance of positive cognitions; identification and facilitation of personal strengths and goals. I focus on positivity to help foster personal success and solution-focused approaches. I work with diverse populations and I am sensitive to issues that uniquely impact each individual".



Patients report Dr. Sarah is compassionate, caring, solution focused

and invested in you meeting your treatment goals

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