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The Initial Diagnostic Interview (Two, 1-hr Sessions)


These sessions allow me to ask you specific questions about the specific symptoms and concerns you stated were problems in your Initial Diagnostic Symptom Inventory. The questions you answered in our Initial Diagnostic Inventory identified the symptoms that present the most problems for you, and next, the face-to-face interviews will give me a much better idea of what, when, how, where and why these symptoms exist, how long you have suffered from each, and how they may have developed.

Diagnostic Evaluation for a Asperger's in Adults (2hrs)


These sessions usually include a specific set of questions designed to confirm the presence of  a neuropsychological difference (both strengths and deficits) in adults. They are not personality tests or psychological tests, but very objective, sophisticated, scientifically developed questions that help confirm the presence of, and define the extent of, your cognitive processing difficulties. It will take about two hours for us to complete the interview. There are a number of different types of neuropsychological differences. The more we understand about the specific type that is causing your difficulties, the more successful we can treat it.

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