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Social Anxiety Documentary: Afraid of People

Social Anxiety Disorder Documentary --

Afraid of People

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Dr. R Says...

No one needs to live their life being afraid of people.

ADD Aspergers Anxiety Psychologist

0:12this program is brought to you by freedom from fear


0:15the nonprofit organization dedicated to helping people


0:18who suffer from inside these and depression


0:29resembled school quiet kids last references


0:34there's no reason outsiders and every high school blended blues and felt like i was going


0:38outside of the outsiders


0:41then how about that whole originally speaks of meetings


0:44the athlete kenyon


0:46on something has to do




0:49we've all people like this before


0:52and we will suffer through our own share of china's in your presence and everyday


1:00bid for something


1:00designers goes way beyond what you have ever had


1:05this documentary will take you on a journey into the world people who suffer


1:10from social inside the disorder


1:13the third most common mental disorder in our country after depression


1:18and substance abuse


1:21glitches and feeling to suffer from this disorder


1:25feeling terrible life in this situation


1:28how does it affect family


1:30steamed music an alarm situation


1:35disability and samples of my name is now ninety and sent


1:42will announce isn't




1:46described realistic something done


1:53and how can you get help


1:55somebody does have social anxiety disorder


1:58they should know that they're is terry


2:01and treatment that's very safe and well tolerated


2:04but i wanted to come


2:05pandemonium condominium a lot of friends of mine


2:09they'd like to move up in my career i really think i have a lot to operate just have to


2:14get past this trough of fear


2:16one of the things that strikes me as a as a result of software tential in a group of




2:21defended the most sensitive man most hearing


2:24let's take those are the people we need to get home


2:39the nineteen of them i mean


2:41giving him my coffee


2:43primarily getting nervous


2:46and procrastinate he's done a lot of time doing stuff around the house


2:50you know i have to be there but i try to bring on involving a little comfort zones


2:54finds a can


2:57isn't getting to work if you need any building that's starts to get sick


3:03mistress plant


3:05at the time he was at work


3:08benefit directly


3:10and pretty much a mass


3:14and one of the stairs walking down the hall i'm just reading every moment dividend


3:20in the social sites where it is one of six meantime dishonest billionaire recognizes


3:26country and psychology the section the most common


3:30is also known as social phobia


3:33social anxiety disorder affects millions of people worldwide


3:38because someone like and resilience and sings i d denounced any social situation


3:44behind you one hundred someone and any lead and i think that in a city and finances he




3:50people with social anxiety disorder become fairy


3:53overly sensitive


3:55what other people are thinking about them


3:58interestingly they'll often come in the office and say hi paranoid


4:01but they're not parimal


4:03what it is as they have tremendous interpersonal sensitivity so every time to read and other


4:07people they think that people judging and because they think they're actually doing




4:12looking stupid looking incompetent


4:14inarticulate having people criticize them even if it's not verbalize to the idea that


4:20people are judging you and criticizing you potentially or negatively evaluating you know


4:26is a is a huge fear for these people


4:29there's a range of severity some people's


4:32what habit to more modest degree


4:34can function but was enormous effort in pay


4:37there maybe can work patel to something that's political political rather than have interact


4:41a lot


4:42without the people terra havens performer


4:46intimate relationship


4:47it's very hard to socialize


4:52for some people


4:53the disorder manifests itself only in performance situations


4:57for others permeates every aspect but the lines in stream to streaming isolated


5:04they don't work for him to fund disability open supported by their families


5:09should be free to use public restrooms to become a freaking restaurants because they


5:12are free people may be watching them and they make


5:15spill their food


5:16per child


5:17uh... we see people who are free to enforce a check in front of the teller because of


5:21the tellers watching their hands stitch


5:24well i did check out line settlers portion


5:29have been an interest going into the storage facility


5:32analyst and a half


5:35allies internet silicon


5:39you know i mean really looking as though you know think


5:43how we feel like i'm


5:45you know under spotlight


5:49james lives at home with his parents and has more than forty years


5:54just being out of his house longer than an hour is sometimes more than james kunder


6:00social anxiety disorders taken over his life


6:04but don't give up a lot of time so if you just heard a freak into speakers


6:08it just because of the city hanging out happy new afternoon inferior


6:13jenny sony access for a couple of people in it doesn't have been heard of that


6:19we've all experienced enormous shards the suffering from social anxiety disorder


6:25being shot


6:26are two very different things tried people may be uncomfortable or not like doing certain




6:33but they are able to do that


6:34force the people's social anxiety disorder get these actual panic attacks and really


6:39cannot do these things


6:41while socially anxious people are often limited binder disorder


6:45decidedly an important role in society


6:48marcia shaadi rewards with a great deal with dignity


6:52the economic rewards those who like to work along


6:55and computer programmers


6:57just poets writers


7:00t_s_ eliot was a very shiite child in a very shy adult new so he close the door wrote poetry


7:07in plays in one nobel prize in literature its


7:11aliya problem was over the top


7:15incapacitated when it keisha struggling to do the things that we want to do with whitewater


7:20drops of supplies you teachers from were captives as writing relationship the problem


7:28abortion realists


7:30wasn't up a particular meeting


7:32where i was having a panic attack and


7:36that is this still coming to the feeling of this


7:39being frozen


7:41any one time i had it all


7:44has a free forwarded anybody inside


7:47just just waiting just having this kind of being outside my body cast looking down on


7:57feeling a paralegal life-and-death situation basically


8:00mixed totally unrealistic


8:04but that's that's how i feel inside


8:07chris is a computer program


8:10he started a social anxiety disorder website to help others who are going to struggles


8:15similar to his own


8:16right after years of battling with social anxiety


8:20chris considers himself


8:22ninety percent better


8:24and my feelers


8:25overcome a lot of the disorder


8:27and i want to show other people


8:30that they can do the same


8:32trip come a long way from where it was in the past


8:35camelot amid the panel is not a hundred percent urban people to handle a lot better


8:42barb knows socialist


8:43lady as a psychologist




8:47she lectures on the importance of self-acceptance and overcoming inside


8:51rashi struggles to find that acceptance within yourself lifestyle psychologists actually


8:58be able to have had a nice up for together


9:00uh... just feeling like


9:03that somehow that's not cool you know that


9:06but you know i'm sure


9:08doctors get sick and have to go doctors and get in about a self why a wooden psychologists




9:14mental health problems too


9:16one of the hardest things for some of the social anxiety do


9:20is get up in front of an audience


9:24barbara is doing just that


9:27giving a presentation on social anxiety disorder for the general public


9:33they insist the nation and ending at speech is really the worst bernie


9:38and sometimes on all that reluctance and of


9:42you know


9:43sometimes get angry


9:45frustrated like


9:47why do i have to do this but i don't really have to understand seemed to them


9:51part of it is is crowds act that's life and i keep doing it


9:56today's presentation is about people who are painfully shy


10:01it's also an hour recess or inside a disorder or social phobia


10:06but this presentation is more


10:09then just about social anxiety disorder


10:12it's about courage and then try something that i haven't signed up for her


10:16story i'm gonna try


10:18and to share some of my own


10:22experiences let's go they are


10:26so i can go around and tell everybody that


10:28now i have this problem with anxiety and you know


10:32i don't do that


10:34i did well in school academically and i never said a word


10:38alloys that in the back of the class hoping that teacher wouldn't colony


10:43if there is ever the slightest can't that class participation would be involved in a


10:47day high fell like i was literally going to die


10:51if there's anything i hope i can pass on to my son is the important lesson i've learned


10:57it's going to take a rest unless you take the risk to break out of your conference in


11:02to try new things here world stay small and you never know what joy you might be missing




11:20when i'm done


11:21hands over her


11:24a lot of times i just feel that students really


11:28but also there's been times square on kelso starlight five licenses mike i think and uh...


11:36some nights


11:37insulating it's just been so draining that


11:40you know i'm just kind of


11:42analysis staff


11:45suggests that


11:53kisses directly about how the faithful plans


11:59and his father and a defending his bed


12:03insanity is a registered staying


12:15over the last two decades


12:17experts and explore what causes this disorder


12:20we certainly know that it once and families so that


12:24people who have


12:25first-degree relatives parents for example who have the illness are more likely to get


12:29it with other people


12:30but that all these plans apart of the reason people gathered many people have a situation


12:35where maybe they were humiliated


12:38criticized rejected


12:40uh... evaluated for early socially and then they felt the loss of control


12:45and they felt embarrassed


12:48and there was a lot of shame


12:50that they experienced in that moment and then what happens


12:54is taking more and more fearful of those situations


12:57and still more appointees plays for just negative perceptions situations like this


13:04and so they started shaking and an developer almost like a conditioned response to their






13:15for adolescents that a psychiatrist


13:17jerry have social anxiety or socially


13:20stomach wiring relief


13:22adam any special temperamental or genetic bias but some did


13:27the temperamental bias which is inherited


13:31is not for shyness


13:34what you hear it


13:37is a tendency


13:39took over-react to anything that's new


13:42novel unfamiliar


13:44we know that a particular circuitry of the brain


13:48of animals is reliably treated with those animals experience fear in ticular laboratory


13:55situations record condition fear


13:58and specifically involves very structured called the onondaga which is kind of the central


14:03part of the brain for


14:04the response was


14:07this structure


14:09billy spires really do you have a nice american interests and expansion this sign




14:17personally lives with


14:19and we think


14:21at the children were born with this biased overreacted novelty


14:26inherits neurochemistry that makes this drug the middle and very excitable in a groundbreaking


14:34study doctor jerome cagan of harvard university


14:37videotaped the reactions of infants


14:40to unfamiliar stimuli


14:42his research suggests summit have a temperamental biased to experience inside


14:51usage of chemistry


14:54we show those infants


14:56interesting stimuli they never saw before like mobiles colorful tall


15:02moved in front of their face


15:05if you've had this chemistry


15:09to show to smolder


15:10and begin to cry because we have passed your threshold


15:15that is a sign


15:16that you have inherited chemistry indian davilla that has rendered its very excitable


15:23the air for for the rest of your life


15:26you should be biased to react to unfamiliar things


15:31that initial restraint


15:36doing it


15:39is you had a picture in yes


15:44isn't getting the best


15:46case here with us


15:48kayla is seven she suffers from a disorder called selective needs as an


15:53which is a form of social anxiety disorder


15:56there are some children


15:58that just manifestation of opiates way they just literally shut down


16:02and they deal with their voices that's their easiest way of not communicating not interacting


16:07if i'm an overtime they learned except a learned behavior today struck down and they don't


16:12speak so no attention will be brought to them interesting everyday




16:21for now


16:22investment everyday


16:36endured rattled


16:40second that's here


16:41out and back to you


16:43these children want so desperately to talk


16:46makes for instance their words just don't come out they can't speak


16:50its stock price had little kids tell me the destructive throughout their stock in the


16:54chest batons playing tricks on them their lips one open up right their mouth just doesn't


16:59work that brady stein and not to talk uh...


17:05much later in the classroom


17:07it's fairy tale


17:10to see her struggle


17:11and not


17:12field interactivity and it's not unlike like they do and um...


17:17suspects manner


17:19does this work it was diagnosed


17:21sherry was filled with frustration and anger


17:25action memorabilia personally to the national contest in me


17:31nine million activists some kind of control that she was doing this summer some purpose


17:37this child was suffering from


17:39teaching scientists uninteresting and it's often difficult for parents it's out of these


17:45children have social phobia of selected me to send


17:47lending because the helmet comfortable and they're totally fine cash


17:53fasting for us here


17:54the stubborn


17:56um... s they're very sort of times now




18:04here and i std sherri a severed from the site is very serious he she didn't associate her


18:10feelings of fear and he was behavioral


18:13then one day he had to give a speech to a classroom over fears


18:18in reality hit


18:20feared that over my body union is clearly feeling sick of sweating and


18:26the national pastime explain to me and my car makers islamic understand every single




18:32world scene


18:34then started cases this anxiety sporadic terry it's passed on from one family member to the




18:39so when these parents find out that this intensities children have


18:43part due to anxiety it makes tends to be step back and realize that this is made this is


18:47my brother this is necessary


18:49go on the same as the right job is going through the way i want to know what i'm feeling


18:54it's just been and real


18:56higher you're from the events so so much about myself


18:59he helps me to understand myself better


19:02and as they have stayed understand kayla fifty-eight


19:06turned and nine


19:09many is still a specimen sample actor star friendship


19:14because killer has come in self so far this year


19:18analytic credit cards to natalie into


19:22her teacher mrs sector




19:30his children to the binary our grandchildren


19:32because of a twenty-two speaking for the and that's what you see with kayla bc taylor have


19:37invited with natalie


19:38patrons senate paris nursery school


19:43a lesson




19:51don't can i meet as high disinterest seriously celestino ke k_d_ laing


20:00deals come a long way


20:02she's got differences


20:04although she speaks with natalie


20:06but in order for her to fully recover


20:08dr mun has suggested that she take antidepressant medication


20:13respect the environment is medication


20:15anyway so that we think that i a minimum wage on a much more receptive when their anxieties




20:20braveheart's perform


20:22the things that we need them to do


20:25once kayla becomes more confident uncomfortable classroom


20:29she will be slowly taken off of medicaid


20:31eight prognosis of selecting eighty kid from anxiety expecting is excellent the children


20:37of the consequences


20:39so if we can give them the coping skills and develop behavioral techniques


20:43to be able to deal with a stressful situation there it will be carried out over into their


20:47life as they get older a


20:50nationalistic insensitive way and i know that


20:54really recognize that we haven't had any help for her


20:58insisting on condescending and each


21:02uncivil hopefully have to go through


21:05did he know the shoes that antidote


21:09scale is fortunate


21:11she's growing up in a time when the doctors and families are recognizing this disorder


21:16in children


21:18but for socially pictures of those like chris


21:21the diagnosis sixties than when he chris's visiting his parent's home for the first time


21:27since he started treatment for social anxiety disorders


21:32the conversations reserved painful memories of along with child does documented by his


21:37mother pottery


21:38in her diary bhai ccd on through this


21:42there's a number of times when


21:45thank you mentioned shaadi


21:48and i mean even one particular place where i'm actually




21:52and about chris's personality


21:54he didn't want to levy yaar itne


21:57on last summer


21:59time he wouldn't talk radio market out there s


22:02he will go to the meters houses and had trouble with family school library school


22:11yeah i know there were some problems because they did


22:13the so-called remembered productivity


22:16bus stop in a recent ones as treatment for some reason


22:20i was still on on the other side there was some sort


22:24there's another aspect


22:25in iraq family


22:27i have cousins etc


22:30social anxiety situations but i have to ask the infected phobias


22:35graham i couldn't walk around and block unless she went score you were with her because her


22:40relates would be like rubber


22:42anti couldn't go on a bus


22:45uh... they all had heart palpitations anxiety attacks


22:49if he cannot


22:50situation that has




22:54just about all any examples of my name is now coming down to secondary generations


23:00may require


23:02grand jury to think that you were experiencing the same thing


23:05analysts would love to try to help her with it


23:09social anxiety affects more than the people who suffer from


23:13it also has an impact on everyone loves interested


23:17so you think you've got anything when it came after christmas


23:20buildings times of sand


23:22that he has spent so much capability so much intelligence




23:28woman aquino has everything in the world calling for


23:33but usually means that they could be party distinction we need people for me to watch


23:38is somebody out that i care so deeply about




23:43thanks delta com


23:45unclean asking unprofessional


23:47all of these thoughts my first reaction is to


23:50is safe


23:52just crazy


23:53i think it's hard because i always seemed so much


23:56morning presence she sees herself




24:02latino answers and scientists ordering didn't have a word for anything anyways








24:13dubbed everything my parents' life sentence


24:18time grandson just leave it alone


24:21done on




24:29done as soon as that


24:31we analyzed and statements in the nineties




24:40school yearbook in rinse on letter in there


24:47plan to kill myself in a certain point instantly


24:57in high school and we have too many friends it was the last more than some of the other


25:01kids think training effect on a lot beat up a lot


25:05especially tough dealing with this disorder and oblivion tvguide because


25:10we don't want to show our weaknesses and


25:14with the social anxiety


25:16being shy and reserved that's a weakness arriba arriba partner partner one uh... quite rightly


25:24compensate in other areas


25:26by convincing skydiving get involved in sports bungee jumping a lot of resistance from presumably




25:40there's always an outsider's area high school


25:43mean knows that felt like i was in the house side of the outsiders


25:47consistently along




25:51that everything i was going through it and went through


25:54and it was tough suggesting that other people around him


25:58at least some one rendering of justice


26:02you know get through it all with


26:06financier himself herself


26:11if it means a lot of experience and skills


26:14came to high school


26:19women looking at colleges maintains the easiest thing and i think that the closest thing that


26:24possibly could


26:25wing you know the time and money


26:28shipman twenty percent and challenging and exciting


26:31and i would just like in the school


26:33diseases thing i could think of and you had a typing and i do all that stuff


26:37i wouldn't be threatened i would be challenged it would be easy


26:43further progress in college


26:46would miss my classes that would


26:48it's live and how it all day here


26:50still are depression


26:53a trickle in


26:56vendor who when they made some of the anxiety who will be more comfortable talking to people


27:03one study showed that


27:04median age of uh... onset of social inside disorder was age thirteen


27:09that means that there were a lot of shoddy anxious socially inhibited children who were


27:13probably labeled by their teachers as a model student


27:17because they're not disrupted serve anybody there quiet


27:21it's probably not recognize that these children are terrified to raise their hand


27:26have a lot of trouble


27:27making friends because they get nervous in the social situations and these children have


27:32a very very high risk to grow up to continue to have these problems developed oppression


27:37and also develop substance abuse problems because a large number of people socialize


27:42i disorder realize unfortunate alcohol is one way to calm you down and the social situation


27:48so we really want people to pay attention to this even in school age children


27:53for socially anxious to show them like pam








28:00there was no diagnoses


28:04constantly cited cause them to develop other disorders like depression


28:09the way to deal with the kids


28:10shyness they were told


28:12as the pull yourself up by your boot straps


28:15ditto it's not a




28:19this her attitude


28:20for people with mental health problems the heathrow problems and emotional problems


28:25so that i think the people tend to think well this is just the way i did


28:28and i'm going to play a status trying to get help for


28:35which is a difference in western europe


28:38and she had one tv channel on a tv


28:42and also in this commercial came on or business lang's i-eighty series it takes


28:47stats to help you get past the social anxiety instead of those things sometimes


28:54is that i got its name community


28:59i started to cry




29:03does that mean for it


29:08so many years


29:16there is any important something existed


29:19and it looked like it to get home


29:30social anxiety disorder was miss understood for years until nineteen eighty five


29:35when doctor michael liebowitz published a paper about its devastating effects


29:40dr liebowitz start the first anxiety disorders clinic in the united states


29:45the last fifteen years with recognized at the store


29:48we've described


29:49we understand something about them out


29:51a lot about how common it is the population


29:54we can really help most of the people affected by two significant degree


30:00yes at the new york state psychiatric institute


30:04a research team is looking into the brain whole new way


30:08utilizing pets


30:09animation they search for the answer two opposing question part of the neuro transmitters dopamine


30:16serotonin affect patients with social anxiety disorder


30:21will transmit is working on women's that helped us in your signal from one hair on




30:28part of the effect of sin


30:32well when you wake up in the morning


30:34it's because certain nerves are flooding your brain


30:37with the neurotransmitter serotonin


30:41or when you exercise


30:42your nerve endings released


30:45and there are transmitted helps muscles


30:47more easily


30:49near the transmitters fixed everything


30:53thought we had


30:54and they have a great influenced by her sense of the weldhead


31:00rethinking the neurotransmitter as an electronic messenger who lived fasteners that no one


31:07here on a lot of interest to throughout the entire money woohoo


31:11in order to do its job he has to move through a small gap between around so hopefully synonyms


31:17will get absorbed by the next level although sometimes for reasons scientist don't you




31:26there was no


31:28then when it doesn't


31:30people experiencing a myriad of


31:33including the effects the social inside a disorder


31:39the reason i really am focusing now on serotonin is justice success


31:43on the serotonin reuptake inhibitors as regards which are all karlena isn't really a social


31:48phobia dr king uses text and images


31:52faithful cpc of the group of anti-depressant medications


31:56known as the s_s_ archives


31:58help her on the streets or serotonin


32:02he starts but doing the baseline that's true


32:04confirmations prior to treatment


32:06with the s_s_ guard road




32:10and the second column here we've seen the baseline pet scan or the first pet scan it


32:14was done before treatment was instituted


32:16and the hot areas or the brightest areas here are the areas of the greatest finding the


32:22greatest density of the serotonin transporter


32:25after three to six months sitting with prop sixteen ennui skiing these patients these


32:30images show a significant reduction in hot hot spots or brightness indicating that those


32:37sites now are occupied by the drug proxy steam


32:41does suggest that in this with this trend that there is very very high occupancy at


32:45this point sides and secondly seaman mechanism of action of how this drug is working in the




32:51all the patients really was feeling significantly better and actually function better in their


32:56social lives and uh... really overall


32:59on washington watch watch the sanctions


33:05translucent disorder shows some difference in symptoms around the world


33:10dr roberto luis fernandez studies the impact of the social anxiety disorder on different




33:16he's found some surprising distinctions


33:19insemination groups for example


33:22the concern is much more about the impact have your symptoms on somebody else how they


33:29feel embarrassed


33:31or uncomfortable by you


33:33whereas here in the united states it's often about feeling embarrassed yourself


33:37cultural differences influence how we view social anxiety disorder


33:41the awesomeness


33:48u_s_ latinos or latin americans in general


33:51dancing is very important


33:53a lot of people and see coming because they're concerned about feeling embarrassed about


33:58the way they dance in front of it


34:04there's been no new for new immigrants social anxiety can be treated as a reaction to a


34:11foreign environment


34:13people who might resume might have been in their countries of origin so much i did not


34:19to the degree were would cause the problem


34:22but after migration the mines feel much more difficult in social interactions


34:27because they have to


34:29deal with all new sense of humor all sandwich they may not completely know about our feel


34:34comfortable with


34:35worse if they had uh... not been in that migrant situation demand never have been has the simple


34:40reason that the real reason have received the diagnosis they to kinds of treatment


34:46that have been proven


34:48my good rigorous scientific studies to be effective


34:51one is a type of


34:52psychotherapy call cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy the other part


34:57medications particularly


34:59medications that we


35:00usually called antidepressant medications although we now know that they're useful for


35:04anxieties well medications they gave a little bit


35:08region terms of how potent they are


35:10but the cognitive therapy looks more durable and some specifics if you stop


35:14uh... so maybe which combine the two to really get the best of both worlds


35:19medication and psychotherapy


35:21are intended to change the person


35:24and the person is


35:27par biology


35:29etc part psychology


35:31doctor richard hundred director of the adult anxiety disorder clinic at temple university


35:37uses cognitive behavior therapy with socially anxious adults in this form of therapy


35:44patients learn to change the way they feel by changing the way they think blog she won't


35:49go out with me


35:51children changed her mind by the time michael


35:56those very very negative predictions


35:59and the outcome interest for us


36:01shikha hit


36:03pretty amazing different those things can visit


36:06uh... this therapy assumes that part of the anxiety response can adults affected by this




36:12this olympic figure


36:14and like many other learned behaviors it can be modified training and very important piece


36:19of cognitive behavior therapy


36:21is not only talking about situations but actually doing


36:25and learning by doing


36:28she somebody that you would like to comment


36:31we set that up


36:33as program between us that that's a good job over this week


36:38scan the next day or two in fact whatsoever because you don't have too much time






36:45we're interested




36:48we've agreed to do it


36:53visions learned replace their negative anxious response to social situations with a more


36:58appropriate one


37:03the first step in getting better is often the hardest


37:06finding the courage to ask for help


37:10he's going to have more than one in


37:12do these things you know


37:14can reduce the design actually i think you're on the road


37:18too because you know


37:19not only that but just coming here


37:22and much of the way is very courageous




37:28uh... you could call the desperation


37:31um... what do you feel bitter calling a desperation workers


37:35was gonna make you feel better


37:38the four th correct




37:41lancaster demand people want to call without my memory of those things but uh... the feels


37:46desperate at this


37:49courageous securities




37:53say desperate




37:55which feels good


37:57well none would steals more real with feels better




38:01cruises feels better prime minister better saying with uh... mexico's in


38:08but it feels desperate


38:11where you need to do


38:12uh... thinking


38:14is to start their own sing that night is day


38:17it's desperate


38:20someone courageous


38:21they're both correct


38:24but the other way skudra


38:26that they have to get


38:28misinformed management report that there will print


38:34community seem desperate and i think that will think about it is courageous


38:44just two months f_-fifteen cognitive behavioral therapy


38:48jennings start seeing results today i'm going to them so it was restoring because and that


38:54is something that has been hard for me to do in the past


39:01and daylight design


39:03progress nonzero


39:05social phobia


39:09just on the beach for instance things in store for you


39:14using a lot of techniques on narendhar their distancing doctor chain


39:20one that was that i was in a lot is just around


39:23mindless self interests in the fight and then


39:27feelings isn't it has noticed that


39:32this is not




39:35digesting slow one


39:37business into st and member of the army




39:45texas it's it's


39:50was used as dot




39:54fluffy slightly


39:56office stands it seems that could be


40:00and another waging scope citizens sadie is by using the talent he's have for years


40:05during his experiences and social anxiety dimensions


40:10flavorful with some writings saying right but you know looks like this is something


40:14i knew it was like to know each other side


40:17to cartoons on


40:32depreciate bill


40:33off says there is a


40:38different places


40:45websites that also deal with this song


40:47have with them




40:53it's good to see if the key


40:55that experiences danielle make funny cartoons


41:03you grafton


41:10how many people


41:12leave after years of living with uncertainty ham has also decided by view benetton


41:19for weeks and say since you guys i stare


41:21and said take indication continue cd


41:24social worker personal thing he was cut the checks eric the


41:27and should have some ups and downs


41:30today passed on to the here


41:33activity in those with florida


41:35with him


41:37it has been filled with fear didn't go into the address and bosons twelve years


41:43and still scared to confront this man


41:47the day before i go


41:48trading to be interesting things to talk about it


41:51surrounding the winds are attacking him


41:54making something interesting to say


41:57canadian c_n_n_'s


41:59and that's the case


42:01reason obviously in his hand some reasons and move


42:06and missed cannibalism might approach marston


42:10king which for the end of the people here for the study schedule




42:23is a bit of time a late start shaking


42:25boyd haggadah gave president idiots are getting nervous


42:33a little bit not


42:35nine years old


42:38giving and getting manner


42:44is able to get to this point in the press reinhardt mixed up and it's everything really


42:48quickly and i like feeling that's selling role and was probably mountain




42:55maneuver but not all of yes


43:12dinner hairdresser companies often last through the requirements for years


43:17you know that's nine men and women on inside


43:21just filled with anxiety


43:27their pensions


43:30her laughter


43:38this is the first time in salina twelve years effect


43:42had actually really enjoyed being with us


43:44as opposed to


43:46think myself being nervous


43:48it's a great feeling


43:53people without allotment starts


43:58their demonized


44:04for their style




44:13michael and i thought he had




44:28syntax and it's a listener that's


44:32may sound everything has alot


44:39faces certificates on


44:47minimum two months later now hands the linden




44:54men doing much better since last time i saw you


44:57philip and sense of my confidence back


45:00then unable to talk to people now are a couldn't before day contemporary at one point one really


45:05make me very nervous and


45:07i would cancel more likely than from the party


45:10a much better with that high can talk to people even strangers debt public bank i have a long


45:18way to go on i have my ups the downs


45:20there we saw night


45:21feel myself getting back into that spiral again oh you're bad bad bad


45:24but you just play itself out


45:26data medication go to the therapist indicated justin's father


45:30no you can't be friends of people you can be social


45:34you don't have to hide in your house sometimes from society the psychiatry mark


45:38period there's a way to get past this


45:41if liberating it your


45:46it's been almost two years since the list of taking medication selected users


45:54care is senator medications reactor


45:57we were here


46:00in many cases however it remains a city at home here she became much more adventurous




46:10times even anything outside town understands that


46:14denge isn't he might have been on my team


46:18which is something we didn't


46:19really really standards have been for we didn't realize how through the inhibited she was


46:26since mean everyday life


46:29before existed on the issues and needs is amazing to see


46:34what she can do now versus what she couldn't before


46:38but the biggest change in came in


46:39comes out of school


46:52in the class and kill a headsets


46:55really become a different idea of


46:57have bad even reach the senate different since seems to have completely maruthi lax


47:03and she ever has spent


47:04answer in that


47:06the last few years of school






47:14so much more with the


47:15edx past speaks with that


47:19in small


47:21doesn't have to whisker


47:31provocations from a long way in here


47:33there's still some areas that she needs to continue working






47:41interacting with the teacher


47:42can't sometimes still insisted on death and now


47:47and sometimes some things happen that is the disparity census


47:51and then other times he lost and fan celeste for and friends here


47:57and her friend i'll tell me


47:58you know the answer


48:01enlightening fan


48:03can expect a techniques to help him build comfortable with their teacher her parents


48:08make tapes of caleb reading at home


48:10but she shares with teacher isn't it here


48:15fair lending and only where we need a lease


48:19by doing this to eventually easy linda speaking with the teacher drink lines dropping by nature


48:25being deterred


48:26talking out loud to the future interest rate cuts




48:30sorry buddy


48:32may be extremely happy


48:34happening it's realistic what happens in the year


48:36all but a she certainly unaware


48:40italy spain and have anthracite disposition about her standard and be able to


48:46waffenschmidt clash


48:47now cam here


48:49that just to have her being able to


48:53enacted speak freely with


48:55if anybody there late


48:57which is being echoed accomplishment for her


49:00he she can do it


49:01you know at what some of the same


49:05i found out


49:06about five years ago and


49:09twenty seven


49:12found outdoors name behind any sweatshop in bookstore and found the book holdings agian


49:18for the workbook


49:20and described my symptoms sec


49:24and then i started practicing some of the things that they recommended


49:28alarming what was happening to my body learning how to controllable spot at least symptoms


49:34and then also


49:35dealing with some of the mental thoughts that we're going to make it more you contradicting




49:43once chris started combining medication with his therapy


49:46he began to notice a change


49:48dating scene results for about six weeks


49:51butts home after six weeks all of us and i had this big meeting and who was with button


49:56the top two people in the company no i never


50:00a meeting with those two so it was like with these guys walk


50:05so i go to the meaning and i i just couldn't believe and then i did not feel nervous at




50:10at that point that's where a new


50:12that the medications working for me


50:15and i've been on it for about a year now


50:17and i'm hoping


50:19in another six within the next six months are going to try it slowly get myself off


50:23of it


50:24and try to pick up on some of the therapy a little bit more


50:28for many socially conscious people


50:30like chris


50:32getting better he's knocking down the law


50:33also of loneliness around


50:37when i first started to actually marry me


50:40when there's something different something original


50:43stuck in the system she thought it might be effect any of its side


50:48i'm building across from


50:49my apartment


50:50select it's a great idea so ended up making this big sign it was about thirty feet


50:57went over to the building across street from where my apartment at


51:01i went up there in started put this time together


51:05and the headline my sister and uh... her husband across the


51:09the way my apartment they're filming tell me if he hits the stands


51:14was recorded natural spring brought a scares enough lol


51:20this data that they are


51:24going trolling for over twelve garments


51:29pointed out the signs pollens that's


51:35the next to her and she said yes


51:38looking back that can never


51:40we have the opportunity


51:42to get married


51:43final relationship like this


51:46just doesn't it






51:53madden a long way parent and me now just a little bit a day today




52:02there's any other small towns in may


52:04estimate everything light well i'm a delivery address


52:08it says on such an israel and stand next


52:12daylight withdrawing


52:14money that's been the one you realize that it's a a linear


52:20congressional politicians and remembering


52:23and the fact that i still struggling and i don't think in any way negate


52:28use the matter is that i've made a lot of the matter is that his novel then it's only


52:32may be in the future though there's no cure for social anxiety disorder


52:37treatment can make a difference


52:40was seventeen


52:41they'll still have anxiety


52:42they may still have more anxiety than


52:45manager shmoe next order doesn't have a problem with social anxiety


52:49but they have a very good chance of starring through a positive way along the road to doing


52:55those things that they haven't been doing


52:58to doing it yes a great deal blessings i it even they started with


53:04and that's a huge step four


53:08has barred continues to get better soon she hopes to help others in the process she and


53:14her husband greg has written a book


53:15painfully shy


53:17which gives patients information on how to cope


53:20with the disorder


53:21drake is like the best thing that that happened in the end


53:26we are eighteen


53:27i feel like he saved my life in


53:32came a returning


53:33is kind of symbolic to have


53:35the loneliness being over


53:39i want to people to know that there is hope and that don't give up


53:43i mean if i did not


53:44has given me frank


53:46you know i was a teenager you know i would have final helps fraser the next ten years


53:52they don't know that at a time


53:54i mean there's so many times where i thought


53:57kill myself because i'm so miserable in one of my


53:59and at with met frank i was


54:03and jesse


54:06one of the things that strikes me as such as all the sauce potential in a group of people


54:11the kennedys her most sensitive and offer most caring


54:15so it's like those are the people we need to get out




54:28the prints and installation must find his




54:36still to come inside and fear


54:38the student loans being afraid of


54:44there's no greater field






54:59or a separate from social anxiety disorder of quite a few years


55:03and since my treatment since unable to alleviate that problem from my life wax is so much more


55:08enjoyable now


55:09you don't have to worry about what people are saying about it you don't have to worry


55:12about people thinking it off of second guess what you're going to say or do in public and


55:17think something's gotta laugh at you


55:18because you can just be yourself


55:20and enjoy life


55:22made his mental health


55:24and you can receive a free screening on national anxiety disorders stranger


55:30more information


55:31call toll-free dvd


55:33four four two


55:35two zero tinted














56:42this program was brought to you what returns


56:45a nonprofit organizations dedicated to helping people who suffer from israelis and depression

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