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Dr. R Bio

Dr. R's primary area of specialization is Asperger's in adults. He emphasizes a broad-based, complete approach to testing, diagnosis, therapy, counseling and coaching. This includes helping adults with Asperger's return to college or to work with the proper accommodations, and with a new level of confidence and self-esteem. His services include career counseling, life and social skills training and relationship coaching and he emphasizes identifying and accommodating sensory processing deficits and communication disorders. in addition to learning differences.


Dr. Robinson completed his undergraduate training at The University of Virginia and received his masters degree and doctorate from The Georgia Institute of Technology. In addition to his experience in clinical psychology, Dr. Robinson has established business credentials and a long-standing track record of success creating and running national-scale marketing campaigns, market research, planning and analysis. This includes major corporate turnarounds. He served as Vice President of Marketing for Greyhound, Inc and for BPAA -- the trade association for the bowling industry -- as Director of Marketing for Holiday Inns and as Head of Market Research and Consumer Psychology for Consumer Products for Texas Instruments.


He also successfully established and managed Stuart N. Robinson and Associates, Inc, a national consumer research and market planning firm with five offices around the county. He personally served as a marketing consultant to over 300 national corporate clients including Texas Instruments, ATARI’s, Time- Warner, American Express, Girl Scouts of America and many others, and helped reposition the destination image and develop new markets for Texas, New Mexico, Virginia, San Antonio, New York City, Atlantic City, Memphis and others.  


Dr. R has two grown sons who he raised them as a single parent, and feels this was the single accomplishment that he is proud of most.


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