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Behavioral Medicine

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What does Behavioral Medicine focus on?

What is Behavioral Medicine?

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What are the health effects?

An area I am building as a specialization is called Behavioral Medicine. Behavioral Medicine is an interdisciplinary field that encourages medical doctors and psychologists to work closely together for the sake of their patients. It is concerned with psychosocial aspects of illness, health and healing. It focuses on promotion and maintenance of health and wellness through development and application of behavioral and psychosocial theories and methods, and their integration with medical science.  

Behavioral Health focuses on applying behavioral methods to increase health and prevent illness. This includes smoking cessation, weight loss, exercise, medication compliance, reduction of high-risk behavior, increased appropriate contact with health care providers (e.g. pregnancy checks, dental check-ups).    


Psychosomatic Medicine focuses on how illnesses and physical disabilities are influenced by psychological factors. One area of particular interest to me is the impact of Type A Personalities on coronary artery disease and heart attacks. As you might expect, this area is a natural “fit” for Live More Simply Inc. Behavioral medicine in general, and both Behavioral Health and Psychosomatic Medicine in particular, have applications to many areas of health, such as: adolescent health, aging, anxiety, arthritis, asthma, cancer, cardiovascular disease (heart disease, hypertension, stroke), children's health, chronic pain, cystic fibrosis, depression, diabetes, disease-related pain, eating disorders, environmental health, headaches, HIV/AIDS, incontinence, insomnia, low back pain, minority health, myofacial pain, obesity, public health, pulmonary disease, quality of life, hospice, rehabilitation, sexually transmitted diseases, social support, sports medicine, women's health and others.  


Lastly, research has documented many health effects of behavioral medicine interventions. These effects include prevention of disease onset; lowered blood pressure; lowered serum cholesterol; reduced body fat; reversed arteriosclerosis; decreased pain; reduced surgical complications; decreased complications of pregnancy; enhanced immune response; increase relaxation; increase functional capacity; improve sleep; improve productivity at work and school; improve strength, endurance, and mobility; improve quality of life.

I am located on the east side of Central Expressway (US75), on the access road, north of Walnut Hill Lane and south of Meadow Road.

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